Значныя моманты з 1964 года

13 Apr 1964

Sri Chinmoy arrived in the West from India

22 Jul 1966

Inauguration of first Sri Chinmoy Centre called Aum Centre, San Juan, Puerto Rico

17 Feb 1974

Sri Chinmoy first played esraj (an Indian stringed instrument played with a bow)

21 Jul 1974

Sri Chinmoy first played Indian flute, Iceland

19 Nov 1974

First Jharna-Kala painting, Ottawa , Canada

10 Aug 1975

Sri Chinmoy first played violin.

10 Mar 1976

Sri Chinmoy first played the Western flute, Melbourne, Australia

13 Jun 1977

Sri Chinmoy started playing tennis

1 Jun 1978

Sri Chinmoy started his long-distance running career, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, California

3 Mar 1979

Sri Chinmoy ran his first marathon, Chico, California, 4:31:34

27 Sep 1983

Sri Chinmoy first played cello

24 Mar 1984

Over 8,000 attended Sri Chinmoy's first public concert, Koln, Germany. Sri Chinmoy performed 777 concerts worldwide.

26 Jun 1985

Sri Chinmoy started serious weightlifting

30 Jan 1987

Sri Chinmoy lifted 7063 3/4-lb in a one-arm lift (right arm)

18 Feb 1987

Sri Chinmoy began spontaneous improvisational piano playing, New York

26 May 1987

Sri Chinmoy first played the pipe organ, Zurich, Switzerland

26 Jun 1988

Sri Chinmoy began a program called "Lifting Up the World with a Oneness-Heart" which honoured people who had made a contribution to the world or humanity. Sri Chinmoy lifted over 8,300 individuals overhead with one or both arms on a specially constructed platform in this program.

4 Aug 1988

Sri Chinmoy lifted 7040-lb in a one-arm lift (left arm)

24 Apr 1989

The first of over 1,100 landmarks is dedicated to world harmony.

16 Aug 1989

Sri Chinmoy resumed his sprinting career

29 Dec 1991

Sri Chinmoy began drawing a series of bird drawings called "Dream-Freedom-Soul-Birds" in Malta

29 Sep 1998

Sri Chinmoy resumed serious weightlifting after 10 years at age 67