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    Jharna-Kala Fountain-Art - Sri Chinmoy's Paintings and Drawings


    Sri Chinmoy’s art chronicles the transcendent perceptions with which we are all inherently endowed. Called “Jharna-Kala,” Bengali for “Fountain-Art,” his inspired drawings and paintings are an eloquent addition to the sacred in art.

    Jharna-Kala Rose Visionary artists in all cultures have sculpted and painted man’s ascending spirit. Such art is the expression of our inmost desire to immortalise our moments of ecstasy; it reveals the unity we wrest out of chaos and the contentment we feel in this unity; it gives sacred insight form; it brings fulfilment to the human heart. In the silence of contemplation, where the depth of the soul is revealed, the source of our inner experiences are re-discovered from age to age. As a seer-artist, Sri Chinmoy offers an inspiring glimpse into the process of the contemplative arts.

    In 1974 he began with a painting of a single rose. His paintings, which now number over 200,000 range in size from huge mural-size acrylics to tiny ink sketches have been exhibited on five continents from New York's Soho gallery district the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris.

    Jharna-Kala Acqua PaintingThe source of Sri Chinmoy’s creativity lies in meditation when the mind is quiet and the heart’s peace and power is accessible. Acting as an instrument, he then gives form to this serene consciousness. Sri Chinmoy speaks of “no mind, no form” as he paints, much as centuries of visionary artists before him spoke of “no method” and simply painted the exhilaration of their hearts. He distills the essence of the ancient Vedic seers’ vision into modern art form. Here the mystic visions of both East and West are echoed in another century, another continent, another medium, offering a sanctuary of “dream-freedom-harmony” to all.

      Early Milestones

    19 November 1974
    Sri Chinmoy starts painting in a hotel room in Ottawa, Canada. His first painting is a red rose.
    He uses the artistic pen-name ‘C.K.G.’ — for Sri Chinmoy Kumar Ghose

    10 December 1974
    Completes first 1,000 paintings

    26 February 1975
    Completes 1,000 paintings in 21 hours and completes first 10,000 paintings

    11 April 1975
    Completes eleven large paintings, 4’ x 8’ that are displayed at Columbia University on April 12

    3 October 1975
    Completes first 100,000 paintings in less than one year

    16 November 1975
    Completes 16,031 paintings in 24 hours

    29 April 1976
    Paints a 12’ x 27’ canvas entitled ‘Larger than the Largest’ in under 2 hours

    30 April 1977
    Paints a 13’ x 70’ canvas entitled ‘C.K.G. Transcends’

    10 September 1977
    Paints a 13’ x 25’ canvas entitled ‘Journey’s Battle-Victory’ in 47 minutes which is later exhibited on a billboard in California near Fisherman’s Wharf sponsored by the Eyes and Ears Foundation